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ProMedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Employee Receives Best of Ohio 2022 OHCA Skilled Nursing Facility Excellence Award


Kathryn (Katy) Porter, admissions director for ProMedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation (Barberton, OH), was one of eight winners out of over 100 nominations for the Best of Ohio 2022 OHCA (Ohio Health Care Association) Skilled Nursing Facility Excellence Award.

Katy has been with ProMedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation since 2007 and has held multiple positions with the organization starting as an evening receptionist, then worked in AP/payroll, then became the business office manager and then the Social Services Designee (SSD). She received her STNA certification in 2013 while going to school full time to become a physical therapy assistant (PTA) and obtained her license in 2015. Later that year she became the admissions director and has been with the center for 15 years.

Below is her nomination submitted to OHCA by Miranda James, LNHA:

“Katy is the kind of employee every facility wants to have.  She strives to find ways to improve the life of patients and residents in our facility every single day.  In addition to the very large task of outside marketing, Katy will also assist in planning events for patients and residents in the facility.  She planned an entire pirate party for them during the COVID-19 pandemic to celebrate ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’.  Katy also made sure to print pictures from the party and mail them to out-of-town family members on her own time so the families could see the joy in their loved one’s faces.  Being a PTA, Katy also takes time out of her day to walk patients and residents on walking programs, which not only helps them but the employees as well. One particular resident loves to watch videos of Elmo.  Katy set up an iPad in her office so the resident can come in and watch her videos whenever she wants, even if Katy is out of the office.  When a resident refused to wear her Bipap at night, Katy came in during the middle of the night and sat with her providing constant assurance and reminders so she would not take her Bipap off.  Katy has gone on appointments with residents who have no family, will spend time with residents in the hospital and work off hours to ensure the residents are taken care of.  There are so many reasons Katy deserves to be recognized for Excellence and this narrative does not even come close to painting the picture of how amazing Katy is. Katy always puts the patients and residents first and she knows if they and their family members are taken care of in the facility, it is much easier to do external marketing and bring new patients and residents to the facility.  Katy says the best marketing is ‘word of mouth’ and every interaction she has is a positive reflection on the facility.  Thank you for considering Katy for this award.  It is my honor and privilege to work alongside her and be able to nominate her.  I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this recognition.”