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ProMedica Hospice Bereavement Coordinator Completes 100th Support Group

Priscila Parson, bereavement coordinator with ProMedica Hospice Serving Suffolk recently completed 100 support groups. She has been with ProMedica since 2018 and previously worked as a Chaplin for hospitals in Kentucky and Virginia.

Priscila wanted to be more effective in the way she helps grieving families, so in 2020 she obtained her Grief Counseling Certification with the American Institute of Health Care Professionals and became an Alzheimer’s Community Educator with the Alzheimer’s Association. The knowledge she gained from each has helped her start support groups for families adjusting to hospice care and provide education on a patient’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s.

Currently, Priscila hosts monthly face-to-face and virtual support groups, around nine seminars per year, four grief art activities a year, grief events and memorial services such as a dove release ceremony. These support groups and services are helping families who are having a difficult time adjusting to the prognosis of their loved ones. She also held a stress relief group for the employees at ProMedica called “Self-care Day”.

Family members appreciate Priscila for her thoughtfulness and willingness to host these support groups for them. Some are just trying to pass the time adjusting to their loss and these groups have helped to support them and their feelings more easily. Families also send Priscila cards, flowers and cookies to show their appreciation.

Priscila had this to share about her time with ProMedica, the hospice team and the families she has helped, “I love what I do. I am going on five years with ProMedica Hospice and have the privilege to help those who trust our team with their loved one’s care. I have talked with over 2,000 people during this time, and it has been such a positive experience for families because the entire team of nurses, CNAs, spiritual care coordinators, social workers and volunteers are doing their best to love and care for patients and families.”

“The bereavement program is successful because of everyone working together to provide caring services for patients and their families during end of life. My administrators are understanding and when I need any type of assistance or support for the bereavement program, they help to make things happen. The bereaved families come to me impressed with the services and want to know more about the bereavement services available. It is an honor to work with a team who really cares about the patient and their family’s needs.”