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Patient Thanks Hospice Team for Surprising Him with His Heart's Desire

Heartland Hospice serving Twin Cities patient, Jude, had two wishes: to ride in a sports car and enjoy a steak dinner with his daughter. The hospice team worked together to surprise Jude with his Heart’s Desire.

“I can’t put into words adequately the emotions that have filled me these past 24 hours.

It all started around 4 pm yesterday as I was sitting on my couch, I looked out my window and noticed a red Camaro convertible parked in my driveway. At first, I did not think much about it, but when a group of people started to build, I knew something was going on, especially when I saw Tracy, my care transition nurse from Heartland Hospice. I met with Tracy and my team and she reminded me that when we first met she asked me if I had a wish list and I told her that I would love to ride in a sports car and have a really nice steak dinner. Well, that is what they arranged for me.

I was completely blown away when I discovered they had planned a special day for me. I couldn’t believe NO ONE had leaked anything to me. My daughter Emma arrived all dressed up to join me. I was also surprised to see a former classmate of mine and a friend of Tracy’s, Jason, who would be my chauffeur for the night.

With me riding shotgun and Emma in the back, we headed out. The ride was great with the wind blowing and the music booming, I felt on top of the world. Jason and I had great conversations about the past, as well as our love of photography. We drove to several places and even went back to the Fridley area where we grew up; it brought back some great memories.

On our way to the next location, the ride was sweet, I just enjoyed taking in every second of it. I did not take any pictures, I just wanted to be in the moment. When we arrived in downtown Minneapolis, Emma said, ‘We are here!’ It was Murray’s Steak House! I have always wanted to try their Silver Butter Knife Steak. I now knew that my other wish was about to happen. Jason dropped us off at the door and was on his way. I am so grateful for Jason; words cannot express how I feel about everything he did!

Emma and I checked in with the hostess, and when asked how many I assumed 2, but Emma told them 6. Well, again another surprise! We were seated in the back of the restaurant, my back was to the door so I couldn’t see anyone who came in, I’m sure Emma planned this as well to keep surprising me, she is so clever.

After a few minutes, my brother Joe and sister Kris arrived, then my twin brother John came with his wife Jody. Once everyone arrived, Emma then instructed me to open the card that Tracy had given me at the start of my adventure. Once I opened the card, the tears began to fall.

The meal, as you probably guessed, was amazing and we had an incredible time! While sitting at the table with all my loved ones and taking the day in, I thought, what else could I ask for? The answer was NOTHING!

I want to thank everyone involved and assure you of my continued prayers for you. You all gave me a wonderful gift and I will be forever grateful.

Yours in Christ Jesus, Jude”